High temperature insulation solution for enclosure furnace

2017-10-28 15:50:00
Summary :Hood heat treatment furnace insulation, ceramic fiber material shortcoming advantages: Low density, reduce steel consumption, Heat capacity is small.

Introduction of the Shield furnace

Shield furnace is used for the workpiece of the bright annealing and heat treatment equipment, Shield furnace are intermittent temperature furnace, furnace temperature between 650-1100 degrees Celsius, according to the provisions of the heating system with time. According to the charging situation of the bell-type furnace, the furnace is divided into two types: square-type furnace and round-type furnace. The heat source of the hood is mostly gas, followed by electricity and light oil. Generally consists of the outer cover, the inner cover and the furnace three parts, the combustion device is arranged on the outer cover, the cover is arranged on the insulation layer, the workpiece is generally placed in the inner cover for heating and cooling.

high temperature Shield furnace

Hood type bright annealing furnace insulation, shell material selection constraints:

The heating hood is generally a steel frame, so the light and energy saving is the most critical lining of the two requirements

1, the traditional refractory density is higher (insulation brick more than 600kg / m3 light castable more than 1000k / m3 ,) the furnace cover steel structure load requirements are also large, high Energy consumption of steel structure, increased investment in the furnace .

2, the cover is too cumbersome, but also affect the production plant lifting capacity and footprint.

3. The bell-type furnace is intermittent variable temperature operation furnace, insulation brick and light castable high heat capacity, high thermal conductivity, energy consumption is serious.

ceramic fiber material advantage

Low density, reduce steel consumption

Heat capacity is small, saving energy

Low thermal conductivity, geothermal savings and low heat capacity

ceramic fiber blanket for lining

The choice of lining material

The common lining structure of the heating hood is: ceramic fiber module and ceramic fiber layer blanket :

220kg/m3 ceramic fiber module and 160kg/m3 ceramic fiber blanket.

The overall thickness of 330mm or 350mm, the ceramic fiber module is 300mm, the backing layer of ceramic fiber blanket is 30 or 50mm.

Shield furnace lining ceramic fiber materials

First, the savings of steel consumption, can reduce the overall cost of lining, followed by anchors in the ceramic fiber layer carpet and ceramic fiber module between, to ensure long-term service life of the anchor, and ceramic fiber blanket fiber direction and the direction of folding Vertical, can effectively improve the sealing effect.

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