What is the working temperature of ceramic fiber products ?

Ceramic fiber products can be used in the temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius to 1600 degrees Celsius (1832℉-2912℉)between.

What is your minimum order quantity and offers samples?

We accept a small order, the minimum order is 1 or a piece, and free samples.

Accept OEM customization?

We accept OEM production and support the development of agency channels.

How is your quality? Is it certified by CE, ASTM, ISO?

We guarantee the quality of the products, we have our own factory, from the material to the finished product every step we are accurate selection of production, and our products sold to Europe, North America and other regions, our products are CE, ASTM, ISO certified .

Precautions for ceramic fiber blankets:

  1. Ceramic fiber blanket due to the different components, each grade of the fire temperature is different, so as a backing, wall lining, pipe insulation, we must pay attention to the level of work temperature, if the ceramic fiber blanket used in the higher Their own working temperature range is too long will be quickly broken.
  2. There is the use of fiber blanket to do protective measures, because the blanket fiber easily close to the human skin, it makes itchy skin. Ceramic fiber blanket should be used ruler and sharp cutting tools, not forced tear.
  3. Ceramic fiber blanket construction should pay attention to protection, not stampede, rolling.
  4. Ceramic fiber blanket construction should take the necessary measures to try to avoid rain and other wet.
  5. Ceramic fiber blanket as a backing, wall lining, pipe insulation when the construction method is different.

Ceramic fiber board for the first time when the use of smoke or even yellow reasons ?

Ceramic fiber board contains 4-5% of organic matter, the first time when the temperature to about 200 ℃ when the organic matter volatilizes, the fiber board will have a small amount of smoke and even the fiber board will be yellow, is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the use. When the organic matter is completely volatile, this problem will not occur again. It is recommended that the first use, leaving the gap so that organic matter will not have yellow marks. Some enterprises in advance pretreatment, such as Alsai readme of its inorganic fiber board is heat treatment, pre-organic matter is completed, the customer will not appear yellow problem when the smoke. Fibre board color white, used in the furnace wall or furnace door and other location visual effects.