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Rose is a symbol of love, life, light, honor, wisdom, devotion, tolerance, understanding, commitment and hope. Rosewool is intended to use the energy-saving fiber insulation materials which are full of love, hope and wisdom, combining with our dedication, honor and commitment  to create a bright, harmonious, comprehensive and loving rose world for our common earth!

Rosewool's predecessor was a factory that made asbestos in 1960s, and was acquired by the Keria family in 1979 as a family factory. In 1980, the company's first ceramic fiber plant was put into operation; in 1990, the introducing calcium silicate board production line Japan's was put into operation, and exported to Japan and other countries; in 1992, Rosewool began to produce rock wool. Since then rock wool, ceramic fiber, calcium silicate board become the mainly three products of Rosewool.

Rock wool is A-class non-combustible inorganic materials, it does not release toxic gases when firing, can effectively protect lives’ safety. Its porous-open fiber structure has excellent sound and noise reduction performance, can create a comfortable living environment. It uses rock as raw material with excellent chemical stability and insulation properties. Rock wool insulation program is the most cost-effective energy-saving program, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect, and energy consumption waste, providing a comfortable and natural environment for mankind. We hope that the world with rock wool insulation can be a place where is full of roses, human and environment live in harmony. Research shows that using existing thermal insulation technologies can reduce 70% -90% energy consumption of building heating or cooling. So we named our brand ROSEWOOL.

The customers of rock wool insulation, are the people who pursing the quality of their own environment, and the customer who have responsibilities in protecting environment. So these consumers also hope that we can live the environment where roses can grow everywhere. So our common wish is using rosewool to create responsibility and love for world.

For Rosewool team, energy saving and insulation is our responsibility, remaining the harmony relationship between the earth and human is our mission, we respect our work as rosy love and glad to promote the energy-saving. We continuously promote the manufacturing technology of rock wool. So we named our brand ROSEWOOL.

As long as we take efforts, we can promote energy-saving and reduce greenhouse effect. We  believe that the aim of keeping the rose flowers in full bloom in the world and the goal of maintain sustainable economic development can be achieved together. So we named our brand ROSEWOOL.


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