Application Insulation

Industrial Insulation

Ceramic fiber products can be divided into different shapes, such as insulation board, blanket lightweight and flexible, so in many applications are applicable.

  1. The steel industry: expansion joints, back insulation, heat insulation and mold insulation;
  2. Non-ferrous metals industry: the middle and the trough cover, for pouring copper or copper alloy;
  3. The ceramic industry: light kiln car structure and the furnace hot surface lining, the furnace temperature distinction and fire board;
  4. Glass industry: pool back insulation, burner block;
  5. Furnace construction: hot surface refractories, heavy refractory backing, expansion joints;
  6. Light industry: industrial and domestic boiler combustor lining;
  7. The petrochemical industry: high temperature heating furnace lining the hot surface material;
  8. Process glass and other deep-processing products molding mold;
  9. Building materials industry: cement and other industrial furnace fire lining insulation materials;
  10. Metallurgical industry: metallurgical kiln lining lining lining insulation.