Ceramic fiber module export to Bolivia

2018-01-10 15:41:00
Summary :Since the beginning of the New Year 2018, we have received 4 to 5 contracts.

Since the beginning of the New Year 2018, we have received 4 to 5  contracts. Of course, these orders can not be separated from the hard work of our excellent business people, and we hereby proud of our hardworking partners.

Ceramic fiber products have always been our main products, ceramic fiber as the mainstay of insulation refractory materials, he can work in the field of high temperature for a long time, ceramic fiber module is to simplify and speed up the furnace construction, to improve the integrity of the lining launched The new refractory lining products. The product is white in color and regular in size, and can be directly fixed on the anchor plate of industrial furnace shell steel plate, has good fireproof and heat insulation effect, improves the integrity of refractory and heat insulation of kiln, and promotes the improvement of kiln masonry technology . Classification temperature 1050-1400 ℃.

Application :

In the petrochemical industry, the lining of the furnace lining is adiabatic; the lining of the metallurgical furnace lining is adiabatic; the lining of kiln of the building materials industry such as ceramics and glass is adiabatic; the lining of the heat treatment furnace of the heat treatment industry is adiabatic; lining of other industrial furnaces.

With the national energy-saving emission reduction plan, the transformation of burned brick tunnel kiln is imminent. The ceramic fiber module is greatly praised for its excellent thermal insulation performance in burning brick tunnel kiln ceiling.

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