Heat insulation ceramic fiber pipe exported to Malaysia

2018-01-04 16:08:00

Require and replace the furnace insulation material frequently, it is better to choose ROSEWOOL will help you solve your trouble, from waste to energy saving , just one step : Choose ROSEWOOL.

They said that is great who used our insulation products,at the beginning of the new year, we sign the contract more than one, and now, sent to Malaysia ceramic fiber tube has ready to arrive .

Aluminum silicate pipe is made of silicate felt with a certain proportion of adhesive into the roll tube of the coiling machine. After curing, the formed aluminum silicate fiber tube shell is formed. The special product is made of aluminum silicate Felt  into a fixed shape.

Product Features :

Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity.

Excellent earthquake resistance and thermal stability.

Excellent machining performance.

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