How to Distinguish The Quality of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

2019-03-14 09:48:00
Summary :From production process, production equipment and raw materials to distinguish the quality of ceramic fiber blanket

How to Distinguish the Quality of Ceramic Fiber Blanket?

1.Production Process

 Ceramic fiber blanket / aluminum silicate fiber blanket / refractory fiber blanket are divided into six grades, such as common type, standard type, high purity type, high aluminum type, low zirconium type, and zirconium type. In addition to the high-aluminum injection process, the other five types must be produced using a twisting process.

2.Production Equipment

standard large-scale ceramic fiber manufacturers use electromagnetic melting furnace for ore melting, in this way the goods can be with low shot content and high particle dissolution rate; small workshop always use gourd furnace for ore melting, the goods always accompany with high shot content and low particle dissolution rate.

3.Raw Materials

standard large-scale manufacturers always use the best calcined coal gangue as the main raw material. Small workshops use coke gems and some untreated coal gangue.

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