The difference between ceramic fiber paper and ceramic fiber cloth

2018-01-24 17:34:00
Summary :Ceramic fiber paper and cloth are insulation refractories, can be used for thermal insulation,

Ceramic fiber paper and cloth are insulation refractories, can be used for thermal insulation. The difference is that :

1.Appearance: Fiber cloth gigantic obvious grid-like, fiber paper is very little, or even no grid.

2. Bulk density:The density of ceramic fiber cloth is greater than that of ceramic fiber paper. Density of ceramic fiber paper: 200 ± 15kg / m3. Density of ceramic Fiber cloth: 600--3500 ± 15kg / m3.

Thickness :The thinnest ceramic fiber paper can be 0.5mm, the ceramic thinnest fiber cloth can be done about 1.5-6mm.

Stand upright: Fiber paper can be like A4 paper, you can put on the mold, erected. Ceramic fiber cloth is like the cloth used in our lives, very soft, does not have a stand.

5. Tear resistance: The toughness of fiber paper fiber cloth is not good

Ceramic fiber filtration technology is one of the fastest growing filtration technologies in recent years. Compared with the traditional granular filter, the fiber filter material has a larger specific surface area, a larger interface adsorption and the ability to trap the suspended matter, and the filtering effect is good. Compared to the foam ceramic, it has a smaller aperture, higher filtration accuracy. Compared with organic fiber filters, ceramic fibers have good thermal stability, chemical stability and thermal shock resistance. The excellent properties of ceramic fiber make it widely used in air purification, high temperature flue gas filtration, chemical filtration, diesel exhaust particle capture, metal liquid filtration and so on.

Ceramic fiber filters are divided into: ceramic fiber composite membrane materials, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber network (cloth), ceramic fiber filter.

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