Export ceramic fiber blanket to New Zealand

2018-05-17 14:24:00
Summary :Recently Rosewool got the ceramic fiber blanket order from New Zealand customer quickly, and Rosewool produced the ceramic fiber blanket immediately and met customer’s needs,

Recently Rosewool got the ceramic fiber blanket order from New Zealand customer quickly, and Rosewool produced the ceramic fiber blanket immediately and met customers needs, so this is a very successful corporation, the New Zealand customer gave many praises to Rosewool, and hope to keep a long period business relation with Rosewool. 

The following pictures are Rosewool ceramic fiber blanket of New Zealand customer, transport to port:


New Zealand customer is used for Casting furnaceWorking temperature up to 1000 degrees CelsiusROSEWOOLceramic fiber blanket is the best choice for casting furnace .

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